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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbation purulence status and its association with pulmonary embolism: protocol for a systematic review with meta-analysis.
BMJ Open
Mai V, Girardi L, de Wit K, Castellucci L, Aaron S, Couturaud F, Fergusson DA, Le Gal G.
PMID: 38904133 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Clinical Characteristics and Prognosis of Acute Pulmonary Embolism with Hemoptysis in Autoimmune Disease Patients.
Int J Med Sci
Li Y, Yang J, Xue P, Zhang T, Sun X, Peng M, Shi J.
PMID: 38903924 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

An Enhanced Mask R-CNN Approach for Pulmonary Embolism Detection and Segmentation.
Diagnostics (Basel)
Do, Selçuk T, Alkan A.
PMID: 38893629 [PubMed]

Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices in Patients with High-Risk Pulmonary Embolism.
J Clin Med
Ellauzi R, Erdem S, Salam MF, Kumar A, Aggarwal V, Koenig G, Aronow HD, Basir MB.
PMID: 38892871 [PubMed]

Roles of spectral dual-layer CT, D-dimer concentration, and COVID-19 pneumonia in diagnosis of pulmonary embolism.
Eur J Radiol Open
J, Válek V, Vlk D, Dostál M, Andra.
PMID: 38882633 [PubMed]

Isolated pulmonary artery choriocarcinoma masquerading as pulmonary embolism diagnosed by endovascular biopsy.
Radiol Case Rep
Doran S, Kernan R, McEniff N.
PMID: 38881620 [PubMed]

Incidence and risk factors of postoperative pulmonary complications following total hip arthroplasty revision: a retrospective Nationwide Inpatient Sample database study.
J Orthop Surg Res
Huang L, Huang X, Lin J, Yang Q, Zhu H.
PMID: 38877587 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Diagnostic and Prognostic Values of Serum Selenoprotein P and Soluble St2 Levels in Pulmonary Embolism.
Am J Med Sci
Boyrac, Önür ST, Kara K, Aky, Abal, Kocao, Sökücü SN, Alt, Pehlivan S, Boyac.
PMID: 38876432 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Early diagnosis of occult pulmonary embolism secondary to lower limb fractures: summary of 18 cases.
Front Med (Lausanne)
Di L, Chen Z, Wang X, Zhang J, Zhang J, Ding J.
PMID: 38873198 [PubMed]

Assessment of lytic therapy effect in patients with intermediate-high risk pulmonary embolism for prevention of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension: A randomized, double-blind trial.
Health Sci Rep
Mansouri P, Rashidi AM, Mansouri MH, Sadeghi M, Zavar R, Amirpour A, Hashemi SM, Taheri M.
PMID: 38863732 [PubMed]

Machine-learning-based models assist the prediction of pulmonary embolism in autoimmune diseases: A retrospective, multicenter study.
Chin Med J (Engl)
Hu Z, Hu Y, Zhang S, Dong L, Chen X, Yang H, Su L, Hou X, Huang X, Shen X, Ye C, Tu W, Chen Y, Chen Y, Cai S, Zhong J, Dong L.
PMID: 38863118 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Causal association between circulating blood cell traits and pulmonary embolism: a mendelian randomization study.
Thromb J
Jiang C, Lin J, Xie B, Peng M, Dai Z, Mai S, Chen Q.
PMID: 38863024 [PubMed]

Short-term mortality prediction in acute pulmonary embolism: Radiomics values of skeletal muscle and intramuscular adipose tissue.
J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle
Shahzadi I, Zwanenburg A, Frohwein LJ, Schramm D, Meyer HJ, Hinnerichs M, Moenninghoff C, Niehoff JH, Kroeger JR, Borggrefe J, Surov A.
PMID: 38859660 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Radiological findings and their relationship with mortality in acute pulmonary embolism.
Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci
Ta, Ata, Murat Yaz, Güler E, Bilir Ö.
PMID: 38856139 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Does Exercise Training Benefit Patients With Persistent Dyspnea After Pulmonary Embolism?
Jin Z.
PMID: 38852980 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Intraventricular Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism Post-Nuss Procedure: A Rare Case of Chronic Bar Displacement in a 16-Year-Old Patient.
Xu Z, Liang G, Luo C, Wu J, Lei B, Zheng S, Zeng X, Lu N, Qian J, Zhou T, Chen Y, Liu J, Liu G, Lan W, Lu Q, Lu L, Guo J, Zheng B, Yang N.
PMID: 38852972 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Diagnostic Strategies in Pulmonary Embolism.
Int J Angiol
Glazier MM, Glazier JJ.
PMID: 38846998 [PubMed]

Role of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation in the Treatment of Massive Pulmonary Embolism.
Int J Angiol
Glazier HA, Kaki A.
PMID: 38846997 [PubMed]

Clinical Presentation and Risk Stratification of Pulmonary Embolism.
Int J Angiol
Mohammed AQI, Berman L, Staroselsky M, Wenn P, Hai O, Makaryus AN, Zeltser R.
PMID: 38846996 [PubMed]

Grayscale Inversion to aid Diagnosis of Acute Occlusive and Chronic Pulmonary Embolism on CT.
Int J Angiol
Donuru A, Torigian DA, Nachiappan AC.
PMID: 38846995 [PubMed]

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