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Protocol to measure validity and reliability of colorectal, breast, cervical and lung cancer screening questions from the 2021 National Health Interview Survey: Methodology and design.
PLoS One
Kessler LG, Comstock B, Aiello Bowles EJ, Mou J, Nash MG, Bravo P, Fleckenstein LE, Pflugeisen C, Gao H, Winer RL, Ornelas IJ, Smith C, Neslund-Dudas C, Shetty P.
PMID: 38437207 [PubMed - in process]

The immunohistochemical profile of mammary tissue in women with macromastia and its potential clinical implications.
Antoszewski B, Kasielska-Trojan A, Jones TE, Danilewicz M, Jones MW.
PMID: 38437158 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Assessing the Efficacy of the S-PECS Block in Breast Augmentation Surgery: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Controlled Trial.
Plast Reconstr Surg
Lindsey JT.
PMID: 38437025 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Classification of multi-feature fusion ultrasound images of breast tumor within category 4 using convolutional neural networks.
Med Phys
Xu P, Zhao J, Wan M, Song Q, Su Q, Wang D.
PMID: 38436433 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Automated Breast Volume Scanner Is More Valuable Than Hand-Held Ultrasound in Diagnosis of Small Breast cancer: An Analysis of 725 Patients With 912 Lesions Evaluations.
Ultrasound Q
Yan L, Jing L, Lu Q, Wang X, Mao W, Wang P, Zhan M, Huang B.
PMID: 38436374 [PubMed - in process]

Racial and socioeconomic disparities in triple-negative breast cancer treatment.
Expert Rev Anticancer Ther
Sarfraz Z, Sarfraz A, Mehak O, Akhund R, Bano S, Aftab H.
PMID: 38436305 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

The Association between Circulating Carotenoids and Risk of Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review and Dose-Response Meta-Analysis of Prospective Studies.
Adv Nutr
Dehnavi MK, Ebrahimpour-Koujan S, Lotfi K, Azadbakht L.
PMID: 38436219 [PubMed - in process]

Research and experimental verification on the mechanisms of cellular senescence in triple-negative breast cancer.
Cao T, Huang M, Huang X, Tang T.
PMID: 38435998 [PubMed - in process]

Radiation Therapy Practice Patterns for Treatment of Curative Breast Cancer in a Large Tertiary Health Care System.
Adv Radiat Oncol
Chitti B, Stefanov DG, Potters L, Andrews J.
PMID: 38435966 [PubMed]

Integrating hybrid transfer learning with attention-enhanced deep learning models to improve breast cancer diagnosis.
PeerJ Comput Sci
Jakkaladiki SP, Maly F.
PMID: 38435578 [PubMed]

Effects of guanidinoacetic acid supplementation on liver and breast muscle fat deposition, lipid levels, and lipid metabolism-related gene expression in ducks.
Front Vet Sci
Wu H, Xie J, Peng W, Ji F, Qian J, Shen Q, Hou G.
PMID: 38435369 [PubMed]

Clinical Profile of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: A Hospital-Based Study.
Pankaj D, Kumar N, Singh A, Kumar M, Imam ZS, Bhushan V, Jha PK.
PMID: 38435145 [PubMed]

Antibody-Drug Conjugates in Breast Cancer: A Comprehensive Review of How to Selectively Deliver Payloads.
Breast Cancer (Dove Med Press)
Monteiro MR, Nunes NCC, Junior AADS, Fêde ABS, Bretas GO, Souza CP, Mano M, da Silva JL.
PMID: 38434801 [PubMed]

The association of breast surgery ASPIRE: breast pain pathway rapid evaluation project - study protocol.
Int J Surg Protoc
Hubbard TJE, Isaac AT, Cui A, Cutress RI, Dave R, Ellis K, Fields J, Halliday S, Hu J, Potter S, Chagla L, Cox K, Holcombe C.
PMID: 38433870 [PubMed]

The MARECA (national study of management of breast cancer locoregional recurrence and oncological outcomes) study: protocol for a prospective, multicentre cohort study.
Int J Surg Protoc
Hartup SM, Morgan JL, Cheng VW, Barry PA, Copson E, Cutress RI, Dave R, Elsberger B, Fairbrother P, Hogan B, Horgan K, Kirwan CC, McIntosh SA, O'Connell RL, Patani N, Potter S, Rattay T, Sheehan L, Wyld L, Kim B.
PMID: 38433867 [PubMed]

Association Between Multiple Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Folate Metabolism Pathway and Breast Cancer Risk in Georgian Women: A Case-Control Study.
Clin Med Insights Oncol
Ahmadi S, Surmava S, Kvaratskhelia D, Gogolashvili A, Kvaratskhelia E, Abzianidze E, Kankava K.
PMID: 38433849 [PubMed]

Update on current and new potential immunotherapies in breast cancer, from bench to bedside.
Front Immunol
Alaluf E, Shalamov MM, Sonnenblick A.
PMID: 38433837 [PubMed - in process]

Rate of Beta-Lactam Resistance and Epidemiological Features of S. Aureus-Associated Bovine Mastitis in Cross-Bred Ethiopian Cows: Systematic Review.
Vet Med (Auckl)
Dagnaw M, Bazezew M, Mengistu B, Anagaw B, Mebratu AS.
PMID: 38433734 [PubMed]

Clinical features of skin metastasis from breast cancer: A retrospective observational study in Japan.
J Dermatol
Kitayama S, Katsuumi K, Takatsuka S, Shimizu T, Ikarashi M, Kanbayashi C, Kaneko K, Takenouchi T.
PMID: 38433360 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab in Patients with Non-Breast/Gastroesophageal HER2-Amplified Tumors: Results from the NCI-MATCH ECOG-ACRIN Trial (EAY131) Subprotocol J.
Clin Cancer Res
Connolly RM, Wang V, Hyman DM, Grivas P, Mitchell EP, Wright JJ, Sharon E, Gray RJ, McShane LM, Rubinstein LV, Patton DR, Williams PM, Hamilton SR, Wang J, Wisinski KB, Tricoli JV, Conley BA, Harris LN, Arteaga CL, O'Dwyer PJ, Chen AP, Flaherty KT.
PMID: 38433347 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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