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A POEMS syndrome patient with idiopathic non-cirrhotic portal hypertension received the transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt: a case report and literature review.
Niger J Clin Pract
Chen Y, Lin J, Jiang X, Zhou Q, Zhang H.
PMID: 36412305 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Examination of Suprahyoid Muscle Resection and Other Factors Affecting Swallowing Function in Patients With Advanced Oral Cancer After Surgical Resection and Reconstruction.
J Craniofac Surg
Nakayama Y, Yamakawa N, Ueyama Y, Yagyuu T, Ueda N, Nakagawa Y, Takahashi Y, Arikawa S, Kirita T.
PMID: 36409859 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Is There an Association between Variceal Bleed and Helicobacter pylori Infection in Cirrhotic Patients with Portal Hypertension?: A prospective cohort study.
Sultan Qaboos Univ Med J
Varuna S, Sureshkumar S, Gurushankari B, Archana E, Mohsina S, Kate V, Balasubramanian V, Mahalakshmy T.
PMID: 36407709 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Computed tomography perfusion in liver and spleen for hepatitis B virus-related portal hypertension: A correlation study with hepatic venous pressure gradient.
World J Gastroenterol
Wang L, Zhang Y, Wu YF, Yue ZD, Fan ZH, Zhang CY, Liu FQ, Dong J.
PMID: 36405387 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Esophageal lichen planus: Current knowledge, challenges and future perspectives.
World J Gastroenterol
Decker A, Schauer F, Lazaro A, Monasterio C, Schmidt AR, Schmitt-Graeff A, Kreisel W.
PMID: 36405107 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Epidemiology of liver cirrhosis and associated complications: Current knowledge and future directions.
World J Gastroenterol
Liu YB, Chen MK.
PMID: 36405106 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

A meta-analysis of the effect of nape acupuncture combined with rehabilitation training in the treatment of dysphagia after stroke.
Medicine (Baltimore)
Tang Y, Liang R, Gao W, Zhang S, Liang B, Zhu L.
PMID: 36401420 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Comparing large-volume band ligators and cyanoacrylate injection for gastric variceal eradication: A prospective study.
Medicine (Baltimore)
Shi D, Liu J.
PMID: 36401384 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Acute gastrointestinal bleeding: A comparison between variceal and nonvariceal gastrointestinal bleeding.
Medicine (Baltimore)
Ra, Lupu, Popescu A, Sporea I, Goldi, D, Miu, Moga T, Barbulescu A, .
PMID: 36397398 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

The Complete Lateral Position Method Reduced the Mortality Rate among Elderly Patients with Severe Dysphagia.
Intern Med
Kudo H, Kusakabe S, Sato Y, Nakabayashi M, Kuroki Y.
PMID: 36385046 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Percutaneous Radiologic Gastrostomy in Patients with Stroke.
J Coll Physicians Surg Pak
Yuan T, He Y, Zhu Z, Yang Q, Kong P, Wang S, Zhou X, Cao J.
PMID: 36377016 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Psychological Considerations for Food Intolerances: Celiac Sprue, Eosinophilic Esophagitis, and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.
Gastroenterol Clin North Am
Coburn S, Germone M, McGarva J, Taft T.
PMID: 36375994 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Dysphagia and Tongue Deviation: An Unexpected Cause.
Pediatr Infect Dis J
Almendra M, Pedro Vieira J, Conceição C, Delgado I, Gouveia C.
PMID: 36375106 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

[Current diagnostics and treatment of portal hypertension].
Inn Med (Heidelb)
Zimmermann HW, Trautwein C, Bruns T.
PMID: 36374293 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

The role of the speech and language therapist in the rehabilitation of speech, swallowing, voice and trismus in people diagnosed with head and neck cancer.
Br Dent J
Rothrie S, Fitzgerald E, Brady GC, Roe JWG.
PMID: 36369571 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Odynophagia in a young adult: revisiting herpetic esophagitis and eosinophilic esophagitis.
BMJ Case Rep
Patel H, Nguyen SMT, Haque A, Krishnaswamy G.
PMID: 36368731 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Sensitivity and Specificity of Body Mass Index for Sarcopenic Dysphagia Diagnosis among Patients with Dysphagia: A Multi-Center Cross-Sectional Study.
Togashi S, Wakabayashi H, Ohinata H, Nishioka S, Kokura Y, Momosaki R.
PMID: 36364757 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Stent-based electrode for radiofrequency ablation in the rat esophagus: a preliminary study.
Sci Rep
Won DS, Park Y, An J, Ryu DS, Kang JM, Kim JW, Kim SH, Zeng CH, Kim H, Kim HS, Park JH, Lee SS.
PMID: 36352051 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

[Dysphagia with no obvious cause: globus pharyngeus].
Rev Med Suisse
Delaine E, Asimakopoulos A, Avagnina A, Hallak B, Bouayed S.
PMID: 36350024 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Congenital myopathy associated with a novel mutation in MEGF10 gene, myofibrillar alteration and progressive course.
Acta Myol
Croci C, Traverso M, Baratto S, Iacomino M, Pedemonte M, Caroli F, Scala M, Bruno C, Fiorillo C.
PMID: 36349186 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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