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The way toward adulthood for females with nonclassic congenital adrenal hyperplasia.
Ntali G, Charisis S, Kylafi CF, Vogiatzi E, Michala L.
PMID: 33855677 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Interaction between hypotension and age on adrenal crisis diagnosis.
Endocrinol Diabetes Metab
Rushworth RL, Goubar T, Ostman C, McGrath S, Torpy DJ.
PMID: 33855208 [PubMed - in process]

Digestive symptoms in daily life of chronic adrenal insufficiency patients are similar to irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.
Sci Rep
Quénéhervé L, Drui D, Blin J, Péré M, Coron E, Barbara G, Barbaro MR, Cariou B, Neunlist M, Masson D, Bach-Ngohou K.
PMID: 33850177 [PubMed - in process]

Adrenal surgery: Review of 35 years experience in a single centre.
Surg Oncol
Battistella E, Ferrari S, Pomba L, Toniato A.
PMID: 33848760 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Giant bilateral adrenal lipoma in a patient with congenital adrenal hyperplasia.
Endocrinol Diabetes Metab Case Rep
Kienitz T, Schwander J, Bogner U, Schwabe M, Steinmüller T, Quinkler M.
PMID: 33845451 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Author's Reply: Are Adrenal Lesions of 6 cm or more in Diameter a Contraindication to Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy? A Case Control Study.
World J Surg
Balla A, Palmieri L, Meoli F, Corallino D, Ortenzi M, Ursi P, Guerrieri M, Quaresima S, Paganini AM.
PMID: 33844057 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Immunohistochemical analysis of ghrelin expression in various types of adrenal tumors.
Folia Histochem Cytobiol
Komarowska H, Malinska A, Komekbai Z, Brominska B, Bednarek-Rajewska K, Ruchala M, Rucinski M.
PMID: 33834452 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

CT measures of adrenal gland length and caudal pole diameter are reproducible in large breed dogs: A pilot study.
Vet Radiol Ultrasound
Perfetti S, Diana A, Baron Toaldo M, Cipone M, Quinci M, Pey P.
PMID: 33831244 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Genes and hormones of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in post-traumatic stress disorder. What is their role in symptom expression and treatment response?
J Neural Transm (Vienna)
Fischer S, Schumacher T, Knaevelsrud C, Ehlert U, Schumacher S.
PMID: 33825945 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Significance of Crooke's Hyaline Change in Nontumorous Corticotrophs of Patients With Cushing Disease.
Front Endocrinol (Lausanne)
Akirov A, Larouche V, Shimon I, Asa SL, Mete O, Sawka AM, Gentili F, Ezzat S.
PMID: 33815279 [PubMed - in process]

Angiogenesis in the Normal Adrenal Fetal Cortex and Adrenocortical Tumors.
Cancers (Basel)
Pereira SS, Oliveira S, Monteiro MP, Pignatelli D.
PMID: 33804534 [PubMed]

A Predictive Risk Score to Diagnose Adrenal Insufficiency in Outpatients: A 7 Year Retrospective Cohort Study.
Medicines (Basel)
Manosroi W, Pipanmekaporn T, Khorana J, Atthakomol P, Phimphilai M.
PMID: 33801854 [PubMed]

Letter to the Editor: Are Adrenal Lesions of 6 cm or More in Diameter a Contraindication to Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy? A Case Control Study.
World J Surg
Comandatore A, Fatucchi LM, Pucci V, Bianchini M.
PMID: 33796921 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Osteopathy in mild adrenal Cushing's syndrome and Cushing disease.
Best Pract Res Clin Endocrinol Metab
Frara S, Allora A, di Filippo L, Formenti AM, Loli P, Polizzi E, Tradati D, Ulivieri FM, Giustina A.
PMID: 33795196 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Primary Aldosteronism with Parathyroid Hormone Elevation: A Single-center Retrospective Study.
Intern Med
Kometani M, Yoneda T, Aono D, Gondoh-Noda Y, Matsuoka T, Higashitani T, Yoshikura S, Sawada K, Takeda Y, Fujimoto A, Karashima S, Usukura M, Takeda Y.
PMID: 33790140 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression severity in sexually assaulted women: hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis alterations.
BMC Psychiatry
D'Elia ATD, Juruena MF, Coimbra BM, Mello MF, Mello AF.
PMID: 33789596 [PubMed - in process]

Casting a Wide Net.
N Engl J Med
Cohn A, Nehs M, Chan J, Vaidya A.
PMID: 33789015 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Related Adrenal Insufficiency.
Semin Oncol Nurs
Cherry G.
PMID: 33785232 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Deciphering the Association Between Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Activity and Obesity: A Meta-Analysis.
Obesity (Silver Spring)
Ostinelli G, Scovronec A, Iceta S, Ouellette AS, Lemieux S, Biertho L, Bégin C, Michaud A, Tchernof A.
PMID: 33783120 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Seated Saline Suppression Test Is Comparable With Captopril Challenge Test for the Diagnosis of Primary Aldosteronism: A Prospective Study.
Endocr Pract
Liu B, Hu J, Song Y, He W, Cheng Q, Wang Z, Feng Z, Du Z, Xu Z, Yang J, Li Q, Yang S, Chongqing Primary Aldosteronism Study (CONPASS) Group..
PMID: 33779561 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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