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Genital Diseases female
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Determinants of Cervical Cancer Screening among Female Health Professionals in Harar Town, Eastern Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study.
Infect Dis Obstet Gynecol
Ziyad YA, Jemal E, Dheresa M, Usso AA, Adem HA, Motuma A, Komicha MA, Eyeberu A, Yuya SA.
PMID: 38887703 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Does the novel artificial cervical joint complex resolve the conflict between stability and mobility after anterior cervical surgery? a finite element study.
Front Bioeng Biotechnol
Meng B, Zhao X, Wang XL, Wang J, Xu C, Lei W.
PMID: 38887613 [PubMed]

Dietary supplementation with plant extracts for amelioration of persistent myofascial discomfort in the cervical and back regions: a randomized double-blind controlled study.
Front Nutr
Pérez-Piñero S, Muñoz-Carrillo JC, Echepare-Taberna J, Luque-Rubia AJ, Millán Rivero JE, Muñoz-Cámara M, Díaz Silvente MJ, Valero Merlos E, Ávila-Gandía V, Caturla N, Navarro P, Cabrera M, López-Román FJ.
PMID: 38887495 [PubMed]

Genetic Association Between Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and the APOA5 rs662799 and PLIN1 rs894160 Metabolic Variants in the Western Saudi Population: A Case-Control Study.
Biomark Insights
Bakhashab S, Batarfi AA, Alhartani MM, Turki R, Mady W.
PMID: 38887365 [PubMed]

Simultaneous integrated boost on pathologic lymph nodes safely improves clinical outcomes compared to sequential boost in locally advanced cervical cancer: a multicenter retrospective study.
Front Oncol
Guigo M, Dauda MS, Lequesne J, Blache A, Pereira R, Le Gall I, Pernin VE, Gaichies L, Clarisse B, Grellard JM, Joly F, Meyer E, Balosso J.
PMID: 38887236 [PubMed]

Retroperitoneal dermoid cyst complicated with uterine adenomyoma: a case report and literature review.
J Int Med Res
Zhang Y, Liu H, Hou W, Cheng H, Wang F, Zhang L, Zhou J, Han F, Zhu W.
PMID: 38886867 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Understanding maternal Ethnomedical Folklore in Central Uganda: a cross-sectional study of herbal remedies for managing Postpartum hemorrhage, inducing uterine contractions and abortion in Najjembe sub-county, Buikwe district.
BMC Womens Health
Nabatanzi A, Walusansa A, Nangobi J, Natasha DA.
PMID: 38886787 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Optimal debulking surgery in ovarian cancer patients: MRI may predict the necessity of rectosigmoid resection.
Insights Imaging
Zhao X, Yang P, Liu L, Li Y, Huang Y, Tang H, Zhou Y, Mao Y.
PMID: 38886313 [PubMed]

New online dynamic nomograms to predict recurrence-free and overall survival after resection of endometrial cancer: a single-institution retrospective cohort study.
Arch Gynecol Obstet
Hu Z, Li J, Du J.
PMID: 38886217 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Reply. Intraovarian platelet-rich plasma injection and IVF outcomes in patients with poor ovarian response: a double-blind randomized controlled trial.
Hum Reprod
Barrenetxea G, Celis R, Martínez E.
PMID: 38885963 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

The Limitations of Endometriosis Research Need Not Be Self Imposed.
J Minim Invasive Gynecol
Bortoletto P.
PMID: 38885809 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Acceleration of uterine 3D T2 weighted imaging by compressed SENSE--a multicenter study.
Br J Radiol
Song Q, Ma C, Tian S, Meng X, Chen L, Wang N, Song Q, Lu S, Liu D, Gui H, Chen H, Lin L, Xu X, Wang J, Liu A.
PMID: 38885406 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Causal effects between gut microbiota and endometriosis: a two-sample Mendelian randomisation study.
J Obstet Gynaecol
Cao T, Wang Y, Huimin S.
PMID: 38885114 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

The role of immune cell signatures in the pathogenesis of ovarian-related diseases: a causal inference based on mendelian randomization.
Int J Surg
Lu Y, Yao Y, Zhai S, Ni F, Wang J, Chen F, Zhang Y, Li H, Hu H, Zhang H, Yu B, Chen H, Huang X, Ding W, Lu D.
PMID: 38884272 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Statement of the Uterus Commission of the Gynecological Oncology Working Group (AGO) on Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Prior to Definitive Radiochemotherapy in Patients with Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer.
Geburtshilfe Frauenheilkd
Tempfer C, Fehm T, Vordermark D, Marnitz-Schulze S, Beckmann MW, Denschlag D, Brucker S, Wallwiener M, Eichbaum M, Ataseven B, Hillemanns P, für die Kommission Uterus der AGO.
PMID: 38884027 [PubMed]

Monocentric Retrospective Study: Efficacy, Feasibility, and Prognostic Factors of Single-Insertion High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy With 4 Sessions for Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer.
Adv Radiat Oncol
Houdou L, Meynard C, Guillerm S, Mimoun C, Lambert T, Marchand E, Jornet D, Fumagalli I, Quero L, Huchon C, Hennequin C.
PMID: 38883995 [PubMed]

Safety and adherence to self-administered intravaginal 5-fluorouracil cream following cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) 2/3 treatment among HIV-positive women in Kenya: A phase 1 clinical trial.
Mungo C, Omoto J, Ogollah C, Owaya A, Rop M, Rota G, Bukusi EA, Tang J, Rahangdale L.
PMID: 38883743 [PubMed]

Systematic review and meta-analysis of vaginal natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery hysterectomy versus vaginal hysterectomy for benign indications.
AJOG Glob Rep
Marchand GJ, Ulibarri H, Arroyo A, Blanco M, Herrera DG, Hamilton B, Ruffley K, Azadi A.
PMID: 38883323 [PubMed]

Rare Mullerian adenosarcoma of the uterine cervix arising on a background of endometriosis: A diagnostic challenge with risk of malignant transformation-A case report and review of the current literature.
Clin Case Rep
Bruguier H, Maalouf N, Smyth SL, Damato S, Reddy P, Soleymani Majd H.
PMID: 38883216 [PubMed]

Metabolic Syndrome and Survival Outcomes in Endometrial Cancer.
Marin AG, Filipescu A, Vladareanu R, Petca A.
PMID: 38883006 [PubMed]

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